Mama Upendo Birth Kits


Excellent, accessible, and free maternal health care is a privilege for many mothers living in North America. However the reality is very different for many mothers living around the world. In Kibera, Kenya's largest slum, a shortage of reputable and safe health care facilities increase the risk of unsafe deliveries and birth complications in a volatile community.

GIVE International has partnered with Dr. Dorah Nyanja, a mother of 3, that runs the Senye Health Care Clinic in Kibera, Kenya. It is here that Dorah provides affordable, high-quality outpatient care to low-income patients as well as maternity care to expectant mothers.

Dr. Dorah provides a place of refuge for new mothers in her clinic, and is a local role model whom young women look up to.


The 'Kibera Maternity Project' is a concept designed to assist mothers that have just given birth to their new born baby. A 'postpartum kit' containing essential items for both mom and baby that would be useful after birth. These kits named 'Mama Upendo Kits' cost US$ 35 (CAN$ 44) and contain:

Porridge - sugar and salt- basin and soap - baby blanket - packs of diapers - baby clothes (sleeper, vest, hat, socks) - Days for Girls sanitary pads - painkillers - towel

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