Cheryl's Children's Home & Learning Centre

Located in Nairobi, Kenya and established in 1999, Cheryl’s Children’s Home & Learning Centre (CCHLC) is home to 70 children ages 5 to 18. Eighty percent of these children are orphans, 15 percent are semi-orphans and 5 percent come from homes where the family is no longer able to support them. The goal of CCHLC is to provide these vulnerable children with a safe and loving space to develop, to become educated, and to become healthy, productive citizens.

Volunteer opportunities: helping with the preparation and distribution of meals, assisting with necessary construction and refurbishment projects.


The Kibera SEED School + Our Kenya Breakfast Feeding Program

Located in the heart of Kibera, Nairobi’s largest slum, The SEED School provides quality education for 55 vulnerable primary-level children from the local community.  Upon the SEED School's invitation, GIVE International has provided the funding for a daily breakfast feeding program, as well as the salary support for 4 teachers, 1 coordinator, and 2 breakfast cooks, thereby enhancing the learning opportunity for these incredible children.

Volunteer opportunities: teaching, organizing recreational activities and after-school programs, tutoring children with their school-work, supporting breakfast/lunch feedings, assisting with necessary construction and refurbishment projects.


SEED School

All children need healthy food every day to grow, learn and succeed. Working in partnership with generous donors, GIVE International provides the funding for the Kenyan teachers, cooks, and food supplies, for a nutritious daily breakfast for 55 primary-level children - an essential first-step in "feeding the future" of Kenyan youth!