a group of young children in Kenya running down a path and smiling
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Volunteer Testimonials

93% of our past volunteers say that they would volunteer with GIVE International again in the future.

“I absolutely loved my time in Uganda and am planning a trip back next year. The experience was life changing. The places that I went and the people that I met impacted me so much that I have had a hard time adjusting back to my life in Canada. It is impossible to visit there without being changed for the better as a person. The work that GIVE is involved with is very important and inspiring.”

“The projects are diverse and give a true picture of the things that are happening in Uganda. The people that are being helped there recognize the positive impact that GIVE has had in their lives and have many good things to say about the organization. I have already raved about GIVE to many other potential volunteers. I found the organization to be very helpful and informative and I felt adequately prepared upon my arrival in Uganda.”

“This was a remarkable experience, well-orchestrated, with stellar staff. Thanks so much for this opportunity. It was a gift.”

“I highly recommend the GIVE volunteer experience for everyone who wants to help people in a totally different environment than they are used to in Canada. A lot of the enjoyment for me was immersing myself in the day-to-day life of the country and the volunteer projects.”

“This was truly an experience that has changed my life and strengthened my faith. I am already planning a trip back in the next few months. Thank you.”

“I appreciated the flexibility and the choices that we were offered.”

“The support we had from our Ugandan friends was amazing. They were very helpful, friendly and caring. They made my experience that much better. I felt very safe and comfortable. They all worked incredibly hard whenever they were helping us.”