Help BACK Education in Kiryowa with Marilyn & Philip Wilson

In January 2014 we set off on an adventure to volunteer with GIVE International in Uganda. We had an amazing experience working with a wonderful team of Ugandans who provided us with a variety of opportunities to work alongside local people.  During our stay we met many young children and were significantly affected by our experiences.

Some of our volunteer activities involved working at the school in Kiryowa which is being constructed with the assistance of GIVE International.  Currently there are three classrooms.  While there, we asked the local people what might make a real difference for the village and were told that another classroom was needed.  This was confirmed again by GIVE International when we returned home. As a result, we decided that we wanted to try to make sure the children of Kiryowa could have access to on-going basic education which is so readily available to all of our children and grandchildren.  We would love it if you would consider joining with us to finance the building of a fourth classroom so that these youngsters might be able to continue going to school. Any support you provide will be well used and will be carefully managed by the GIVE team in Kiryowa.  You will find more information about Kiryowa and the different projects which GIVE has initiated in the community on the GIVE web pages. If you have any questions, please contact us or GIVE International. 

As you may have gathered, this was a profound experience for us and left us with a greater appreciation of what we have and a desire to make a difference in Kiryowa.  Any donation you can make will be much appreciated, especially by the children and villagers of Kiryowa and will make a difference.

Phil and Marilyn

We are very pleased to announce that we have now reached and surpassed our fundraising goal of $9,400! Any additional funds raised will be dedicated towards future initiatives at the Kiryowa Primary School. Thank you for your incredible support!


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